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He was born in Istanbul in June 1987. His relationship with art began at an early age with his mother, the painter Semra Baykal, by dealing with painting as well as many other branches of art such as dance, theater and sculpture. He opened his first personal exhibition called "Three Days Exhibition" in 2004 in Balıkesir. K.K.G. After graduating from A. Fine Arts High School, he completed his academic education at Ç.O.M.Ü. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Main Art Branch. He wrote and directed two plays named "Between Us Masallar Var" & "Kesit". He worked as an art director and set designer in 7 theater plays and also won awards in various dance competitions. He became interested in Live Painting & Performance Art in 2018. AVAZ, where Birim Erol came together with artists from different disciplines, continues his works with improvised performance shows at his studio in Beyoğlu.


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